Fundy Trading Co. subscribes to the business philosophy of the Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The TBL is the modern accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions of performance: Social, Environmental and Financial. Using the P³ metric       – People, Planet, Profits – we recognize the importance of all three values working in equilibrium. Of course profitability is the cornerstone of any sustainable business model. But we look beyond that to how we do business, who we do business with, and the impact our collective decisions have on the planet. Be it investing in the personal growth of our people, choosing suppliers who believe in fair trade and green Earth practices, or giving back to the communities we serve, we carefully select the companies we partner with based on their own professional conduct and a code of ethics that aligns with our own.


Jody McCairns

Managing Director

Jody likes food. Period. This role is a natural fit for him. His trousers however tend not to fit as well though.